CourseBooks.com was founded in 2011 in response to the outrageous costs of college textbooks. College bookstores generally set textbook prices with enormous markups. CourseBooks.com changes this - it provides an intuitive platform to find the lowest prices for your college textbooks. Simply enter your course schedule, then CourseBooks.com generates a list of textbooks needed for those courses and searches the Internet for the best deals for each book.

The average CourseBooks.com user saves 60% on book purchases. For college students who spend an average of $900 per year on textbooks; that amounts to over $500 in savings.


We are a nationwide, grassroots organization committed to improving the way college students buy textbooks. The success of CourseBooks.com depends on the tireless efforts of our Campus Promoters who introduce CourseBooks to their colleges and universities. We select one Campus Promoter per school and we consider our promoters as Campus co-Founders as they are the direct representation on campus of the change we are trying to instill. A requirement of a Campus co-Founder is not only an advanced ability to market and promote a product, but the shared belief that CourseBooks.com will change the way that students purchase textbooks and reduce the monopolizing control of university bookstores.

Mission Statement:

CourseBooks.com helps to level the playing field by democratizing the college textbook market - providing a direct alternative to purchasing books from the bookstore while maintaining the same easy-to-use online interface.

Our Product:

Coursebooks.com is a preferable service because we replicate the same online user experience that a college student has at an online bookstore. No longer do students need to look up textbooks for class individually on many disorganized windows. Instead, students can choose their classes just as they would on a university bookstore’s website and find the cheapest option for their textbooks in just one click.